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MUFOLD-DB is a web-based database, which integrates protein sequence and structure data from multiple sources for protein structure prediction and analysis. Besides information collected from PDB in chain unit, computational results such as sequence profile, secondary structure, solvent accessibility, and predicted SCOP classification have also been integrated. MUFOLD-DB can easily retrieve a subset of proteins according to user-specified sequence or structure criteria, e.g., sequence identity threshold or SCOP classification. In addition, cleaned sequence and structure data for each chain could be downloaded in bulk, which is convenient for large-scale computational analyses. With friendly interface, users can also view detailed information of each protein, e.g. sequence logo and three-dimensional structure graphics. Moreover, MUFOLD-DB is weekly updated following the release of PDB.

Main Reference:

Search: search a sequence using BLAST against several datasets
Lookup & Browse:
  1. Get a list of PDB sequence from the entire database based on certain criteria
  2. Input a list of chains and get their cluster representatives
  3. Browse representatives of sequence clustering results
  4. Browse SCOP representatives at the family, super-family and fold level
  5. View detailed information of a single chain
Download *Cleaned Sequence and Structure
  1. Download different data for a list of chains
  2. Download sequence representative data
  3. Download SCOP representative data
Update Date Total PDB Files Total Chains Unique Chains From To
2014-05-25 94048 243751 62649 1972-08-11 2014-01-13
30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Family Super-Family Fold
15953 20459 23617 26163 28175 30121 32815 2863 1551 960